How to leave customers begging to give you their money


Hey, Nils here, and today I’m going to let you in on the secret of this proven strategy for acquiring those customers.

But first we have to understand something…

The Larger Market Formula: One of the many secrets for scaling rapidly is to appeal to a larger market. The Larger Market Formula breaks each market into its audience and a pyramid down, which consist out of 4 layers.

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So, lets start with the top. In every market is a percentage of 3 that stands for people that are in ‘buy mode’. Those people are easy satisfied and have little to no objections. Those 3% respond to the ads we see every day, like ‘We have the biggest sales and best variety’. The problem is those 3% are hardly fought over from many competitors of yours. If you split them you won't end up with much.

However, the real money is found in the 37%, that are aware of their problem and are searching active for a solution, and here you haven’t even touched the 60% who aren’t aware of their problem.

Now, the mission is to turn those 97% of potentially customers into loyal and satisfied clients, and stop the devastating fighting over the top 3%.

But Nils; How do we do this?

The solution lies in the easy principle of education. You need to educate your 97% potential customers. This is also very important, because customers that are uncertain about something won’t buy.

The best part about this strategy is that, you are the one educating them. This has the effect, that you are changing the dynamic and psychology between you and your customer. You are building up trust and authority which makes a customer more likely to buy from you, when they are in ‘buy mode’.

And, instead of chasing your clients, they will come to you and want to buy from you.

The key is to create a system that:

  1. Attracts
  2. Educates
  3. Nurtures
  4. Call to action/ gets clients to act

The beauty in a system is that, once it is set up you won’t need to go through the time intensive process of finding a cold audience, reaching out to them, warming them up and educating them. You also don’t need to follow up on them. This helps you, to concentrate on clients that are already warmed up and are 90% more likely to buy from you.

Here are your action steps:

  • Education: You need to educate your clients. They need to know more about the process of solving their problem, so they are empowered to make a better buying decision. This can be done with a HVCO (High Value Content Offer i.e. Videos, Cheat Sheets or free reports)
  • Nurture: Use the best sales pitch you got and convert that into an asset that nurture your clients automatically.
  • Position yourself as the solution and most obvious choice
  • Offer: Create an offer that is irresistible for the client, and that would only be spared by an idiot. (i.e. A free trial of 30days, lifetime customer service)

If you can improve this and understand how to move up those 97%, of ‘not buying right now’, up the pyramid you will have the advantage out there. The best thing about it is, that you reach your dream clients before they even know they are ready to buy, and with this reaching them before your competition.

The best way to do this is via a so called ‘Sales Funnel’. This is a technique that movies up your prospects in the pyramid over a timeframe of weeks.

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