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"Nimu Media is the Beacon of Choice for scaling Home Decor Brands in the fastest and most cost-efficient way possible, while maintaining brand integrity."

We mastered the art of Facebook & Google Advertisement

1. Ignition Phase

As the name says your marketing potential is going to be ignited. We create your sales funnel aligned with your business mission. After getting everything we need, well start by crafting your dream client avatar, and select the core offers and creatives. Though split testing will we determine on what works and what needs tweaking and testing.


2. Evolution Phase

Your online marketing effort are living through an evolution. We scale the winning ad angels based on gathered real life data. Added to this, we achieve through thoughtful refining of the winning ad angles, perfection. This mirrors the scaling of the ROI.


3. Beacon Phase

Here happens the magic, we scale the ad spend and predictably generate the positive returns. Furthermore, begins the creation of high converting videos and photos for the ads, and we'll tap into CRO Shopify ads/apps and establish a mind-blowing omnipresence.

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A message from our founder

Hi, I’m Nils

As a previous affiliate marketing website creator, am I more than aware of the difficulties of not drowning in the noise and standing out from the crowd in the online market. That, and my initial desire to help e-commerce brands unleash their unused potential, led me to founding Nimu Media.

Why Home Decor?

I personally experienced that ‘Home’ is where I made memories of a lifetime, where I feel safe and cozy during a thunderstorm and where I spend quality time with family & friends.

My desire is to make this very special place unique, because I believe that every home deservers to have that distinct spirit.

So I made it my mission to deliver the sparks of Home Decor Brands, to turn homes all around the world into something remarkable.

Nils I. Muck, Founder & CEO at Nimu Media

How we deliver the advantage

'Close enough is not enough'

Client oriented approach

We support our clients on every step of the way, even if they already have an established marketing team and only are in need of external expertise, or like to forward the process of hiring internally, we eagerly assist. Having understood and embedded this major principle in our work ethic, we perform 100% customer and outcome orientated.

Reporting and Communication

We are keeping you on every step of the way in the loop with your personal assigned Ad-Manager/Account Expert and weekly breakdowns of the given results, as well as a monthly strategy and performance call. This provides for a highly effective environment which makes necessary decisions and changes easy to apply.

Results, results, results

We dedicate ourselves to ensure your success. This means stopping the “guess and betting game” on maybe profitable ads and outcomes. We understand that maximizing profit has the highest priority. Therefore, are we constantly analyzing the data and optimizing for the highest ROAS.

What makes us the Beacon of Choice

We have a guarantee, which that is rooted in how we work, communicate and get results. We are attached to each client in a way that there is no such thing as "close enough". Once we become part of achieving our clients mission and goals - we deliver the best, because it ignites our passion and gives us pride seeing our clients thrive and helping them to deliver their 'Spark'.